Mahogany Tree

Mahogany is a very valuable tree commercially. Almost all parts of the mahogany tree are used. Its wood is used to make ships, furniture, plywood, decorations and sculptures. While its seeds and flowers are used to make potency-enhancing medicines.




Mahogany is a very valuable tree commercially. Almost all parts of the mahogany tree are used. Its wood is used to make ships, furniture, plywood, decorations and sculptures. While its seeds and flowers are used to make potency-enhancing medicines.

A special quality is found in the leaves of the mahogany tree. Due to which there are no mosquitoes or insects of any kind near its tree. For this reason, the oil of its leaves and seeds is used in making mosquito repellent medicines and insecticides. Apart from this, its oil is used in making soap, paint, varnish and many other types of medicines.

Its tree is grown in those places where there is less outbreak of strong winds. Its trees are 40 to 200 feet in length. But in India, around 60 feet in length are found. The roots of its tree do not go very deep. In India, its trees can grow at any place except the hilly areas.

If you are also making up your mind to earn a good income by cultivating it, then today we are going to give you complete information about its cultivation.

suitable soil

Mahogany tree can be planted in any type of fertile land except waterlogged land. Its tree cannot be planted in rocky soil. The pH of the soil for its cultivation. The value should be normal.

climate and temperature

The tropical climate is most suitable for the cultivation of mahogany. Its tree does not even need much rain. Its trees grow well in normal weather. Initially, its plants need to be protected from high heat and cold. The frost that falls in winter is not suitable for this. Apart from these, due to the strong winds, its tree is damaged. Because their roots do not go deep into the ground.

Its plant needs normal temperature to germinate and develop. Its fully grown tree can develop well in winter at 15 and in summer at 35 degree temperature.

improved varieties

No hybrid or special species of mahogany has been prepared in India so far. Till now only 5 of its exotic Kalmi varieties are grown. Including Cuban, Mexican, African, New Zealand, and Honduran varieties. All these varieties are exotic. Plants of all these varieties have been prepared on the basis of their yield and quality of seeds. Whose length is found from 50 feet to 200 feet.

farm preparation

For the cultivation of mahogany tree, in the beginning, do deep plowing of the field and leave it open. After that, two to three slant plowing of the field should be done. After plowing, make the field level by running the pad in the field. There is no problem of water logging in flat fields.

After leveling the field, keeping a distance of 5 to 7 feet, prepare pits of three feet width and two feet depth. While preparing these pits, keep in mind that prepare these pits in rows. And there should be a distance of three to four meters between each of the rows. Prepare the pits and fill them in the pits by mixing organic and chemical fertilizers in the soil. After that cover the pits by deep irrigation. These pits are prepared one month before transplanting.

Planting time and method

Farmers can buy mahogany plants from any government registered company. Apart from this, farmer brothers can also prepare its seedlings in nursery. But it takes a lot of time and effort. Due to which it is most appropriate for the farmer brothers to buy and plant its saplings. Always buy two to three years old and well growing plants from the nursery.
Its plants are planted in the pits prepared in the field. Before planting its plants in the pits, another small pit should be prepared in the middle of the pits prepared in the field. Plant its plant in this small pit and bury it with soil from all sides.

The best time to plant its plants in the field is in the months of June and July. Because during this monsoon period occurs in India. Due to which the plants get a suitable environment for growth. And during this time due to rain, the plants do not even need irrigation.

irrigation of plants

After planting the mahogany plants in the field, they need more irrigation in the beginning. During this, the plants should be watered at an interval of 5 to 7 days in summer. And in winter it is advisable to give water at an interval of 10 to 15 days. Whereas its trees do not need water during the rains. As the plant grows. Similarly, the rate of watering decreases. 5 to 6 irrigations in a year is enough for a fully grown tree.

amount of fertilizer

Its tree also needs fertilizer like other trees. For this, initially 20 kg of cow dung and 80 grams of NPK should be used at the time of filling the pits. Mix the quantity in the soil. Plants should be given this amount of fertilizer for about four years. After that, along with the growth of the plants, the amount of fertilizer should also be increased. A fully grown plant should be given 50 kg organic and one kg chemical fertilizer before irrigation thrice a year.

weed control

Weed control in mahogany trees is done through weeding. For this, weeds that are born should be removed by doing their first hoeing about 20 days after planting the plants in the field. After that, whenever any weed is seen around the plants, it should be removed by hoeing the plants. And after the rainy season, the vacant land between the plants should be plowed after it dries up.

extra earnings

Mahogany plants take full form after about 6 years. During this, farmer brothers can earn a good income by planting pulses in the remaining vacant land among the plants in the field. Due to which they will not have to face any kind of financial problem and the plants also get proper amount of nitrogen.

Plant diseases and their prevention

So far no disease has been found in the mahogany tree. Because the leaves of its trees are used to prepare pesticides. However, due to water logging for a long time, the disease of stem rot occurs. To prevent this, do not allow water logging in the pits.

cutting of plants

Mahogany tree is harvested after about 12 years. When its tree is completely ready. Apart from this, its cultivation gives more yield even after cutting more late. Its trees are cut from near the root.

yield and profit

By cultivating mahogany, the farmer brother earns crores after 12 years from one acre. Because the wood of its tree is sold at the rate of two thousand rupees per cubic feet. Apart from this, its seeds and leaves are also sold at a very high price. Due to which the farmer brother continues to get good yield.