Organization’s profile

Bhumpreet bio plantic organization established in march’2021 with a creative ideas of farming and helpful for farmers.
A organization started with two persons Mr. Rahul Chaudhary and Mr. Sunil Yadav who has a 7 years above experience in agriculture sector.

Bhumpreet Bio Plantic Is A Very Reputed Organization In Saurastra(Gujarat) Area. A Firm Has A High Experience Team With Strategic Planning Persons.
A director of organization has a wide experience in agriculture area and also he has a innovative and high level future plans about organization.
A organization has a very skilled and professional staff with unique thinking and expansion of organization.

Vision & mission

A organization vision is touch with each and every farmer of country and grow together.

For a achieve a vision a organization use physical marketing system for understand a farmers and his situations.

Employee asset

  • Organization believes that “employees are not a liability of organization but he is a asset of organization.”
  • A organization has a highly skilled employees with innovative and creative thinking.
  • These organization is very far from the corporate politics so if any new joined come in organization so from his group coordinator to branch manager everyone is ready to help.

Future targets

1. Enter in pesticide area.
2. Tech-agro support
3. Grow organization with grow farmers.